Pets don’t ask for much, but giving them the care they need can be a challenge in today’s busy world. While there’s no substitute for personal time with your pet, there are countless smart devices that can help you care for your four-legged family member when you can’t be there. Here are some smart devices to enrich the lives of you and your pet.

Convenient cameras

Pets can get up to some serious mischief when no one’s around to provide a watchful eye. Web-connected home security cameras let you check in on your pet from a computer or mobile device while you’re away. Pet-specific models like the Furbo or Petcube may even allow you to dispense treats or remotely interact in other ways.

Futuristic food dispensers

Keeping your pet fed – but not overfed – and hydrated can be tricky when you’re not at home. Automatic feeders can provide your pet with a set amount of food on a schedule, and pet drinking fountains are a source of clean, running water.

Versatile vacuums

Not every vacuum is equipped to keep up with the mess of a shedding pet. Pet hair vacuums are designed with these hairy situations in mind, and a robotic model can patrol your home automatically to clean up pet hair.

Discerning doors

A pet door means greater freedom for your furry family member, but it can also let in unwanted guests, both domestic and wild. Smart pet doors restrict access by remote control, a preset schedule or a microchip on your pet.

Precise position trackers

A runaway pet can mean a big hassle for you and a major safety risk for them. With a GPS tracker, you can pinpoint their location from your smart device, helping you locate them quicker and return them home safely.

While you shouldn’t rely on technology alone for the welfare of your pet, it can be a valuable tool to help keep them happy, healthy and safe.