When the sun sets early and the weather turns chilly, settling down with a good book in a cozy corner of your home may be exactly what you need to unwind. Before cracking open that next book, read this guide to learn how you can put together an ideal reading nook.

Cozy corner

By definition, the word “nook” means a right-angled corner. Consider the coziest corners in your home for your reading nook, especially ones by a window for the natural light. Corners provide a feeling of envelopment – perfect for getting wrapped up in your favorite book. Window seats, tucked-away alcoves and fireside corners are all great locations to set up a reading nook.

Satisfying seat

Your reading nook should have a chair that you can spend hours and hours sitting in. Think about how you read – do you like big comfy chairs that swallow you up? What about resting on top of a pile of plush pillows? Or maybe you enjoy the feel of a straight-backed leather armchair with an ottoman to put your feet up? Choose the chair that suits your needs, but make sure it doesn’t take up too much space.

Liberal lighting

Proper lighting is perhaps the most important priority for your reading nook. To fully relax, your eyes shouldn’t have to strain to see the words on the page in front of you. During the day, nothing can beat the natural light that a window reading nook provides. A floor lamp behind or next to the chair will light your space from above, while a small reading lamp placed on a side table can also provide adequate lighting.

Abundance of books

As you plan your reading space, think about the purpose of your reading nook. Is this place only for what you’re currently reading, or will you be storing books here as well? Does it feature built-in bookshelves? Would you need to buy shelves? Answer these questions, and decide how many books you want to keep nearby, before putting everything together.

Creature comforts

Reading nooks are meant to be a sanctuary of comfort, so include things that make you more comfortable! A small side table to rest your coffee, thick blankets for those chilly days and a few houseplants are all creature comforts that raise your reading nook to the next level.


Cooler weather and shorter days are ahead, but a luxurious reading nook can warm the heart and brighten the mood of anyone who enjoys reading.