Buying or selling a home is the biggest transaction in most people’s lives, which is why working with experienced professionals can be crucial. One of the key professionals in a real estate transaction is – not surprisingly – the real estate agent. But what exactly to agents do for homebuyers and sellers? Here’s an overview of the services they provide.

What is a real estate agent?

A real estate agent is a licensed expert who acts as a representative of a homebuyer or seller and facilitates the process between the buyer and seller in a real estate transaction. Buyer’s agents represent homebuyers, and seller’s agents (also called listing agents) represent home sellers. An agent may serve in both capacities or may specialize in one role or the other. Both buyer’s and seller’s agents are typically paid on commission from the proceeds of the home seller’s sale.

Real estate agents work with their clients all the way through their transactions. They provide key services, guidance and advice and can recommend other professionals whose services may be required, such as lawyers, home inspectors and contractors. Once a real estate deal is initiated, agents facilitate communication between all parties, lead negotiations, attend important meetings and signings and help ensure crucial documents are accurate and contract conditions are met.

What do real estate agents do for homebuyers?

When you’re working with a buyer’s agent to find and purchase a home, here’s what your agent will typically do for you.

  1. Listen to your needs, wants and budget for your new home
  2. Advise you on neighborhoods and a home shopping strategy
  3. Search for properties that fit your criteria using public and industry resources
  4. Present their findings for you to select the homes you want to see
  5. Schedule home showings and accompany you
  6. Help you make an offer and negotiate a price and contract on the home you want
  7. Guide you through the closing and the paperwork and decisions along the way

What do real estate agents do for home sellers?

When you team up with a seller’s agent to sell your home, here are the common things you can expect your agent to do for you:

  1. Listen to your needs and objectives for your home sale
  2. Help determine the value of your home and set a listing price
  3. Create a plan to market and sell your home
  4. Advise you on any necessary repairs, renovation or redecorating
  5. List your home for sale and advertise it online and in other venues
  6. Schedule and present the home for showings and open houses
  7. Receive and vet offers and help negotiate a price and contract
  8. See you through the process of closing the sale


By partnering with a real estate agent, you can enjoy an easier, smoother and more rewarding home purchase or sale. If you need a recommendation for a top-notch local agent to assist with your plans, get in touch! We can refer you to a trusted real estate professional who can provide you with a great real estate experience.