Spring and summer are traditionally popular times to purchase a home in many parts of the country. However, home shopping in autumn can offer several unique advantages. Here are four reasons why buying a home in this season may be beneficial.

Less competition

With school back in session, the holidays on the horizon and chilly weather returning to the Northern states, fall means a drop in homebuyers in many markets. Fewer buyers means less competition, which can provide a calmer house hunting environment with fewer competitors to bid against the homes you’re considering.

Lower prices

Less homebuying demand in fall can translate into lower prices. Sellers who have had their homes on the market through summer are likely to be more serious about selling now. With sellers more willing to negotiate, you may be able to snag a home at a discount or get into a place that was previously outside your price range.

Better service

If summer is peak real estate season where you live, then real estate professionals may be able to show you more attention in less hectic seasons like fall. That could mean better service from your agent and better deals from moving companies, contractors and other home-related services.

Home for the holidays

With the right timing, you can buy a home in fall and be moved in just in time for the holidays and the new year. This allows you to enjoy the festive season in a new home. As a bonus, you can take advantage of holiday retail sales to outfit your new home.


Every season has its pros and cons for house hunting. If you prefer a more laid-back shopping experience and a better chance at a deal, fall may be the right time to make your move. To find out how much home you can afford and get preapproved for your financing, contact us today.