Your home should be one of the places where you are most relaxed. It should be a refuge from many of life’s stresses and a haven that provides comfort, privacy and amenities. How you arrange and maintain your living space, however, may determine whether your home relieves stress or contributes to it. Here are some tips you can apply to help relieve stress and promote relaxation at home.

Incorporate plants

Adding plants to your home can reduce anxiety and improve air quality. Select varieties that are suited to the sunlight, temperature and humidity in each room, and be aware that some plants may be toxic to pets or children if ingested.

Clean and declutter

Keeping your living areas clean and organized helps you stay relaxed, healthy and efficient. Try setting aside at least 30 minutes a day for basic tidying, and schedule a deep cleaning for your home every three months or so.

Create an oasis

Consider setting aside a room or space in your home where you can unwind free from distractions. This can be a purpose-made “man cave” or “femme den” or simply a nook, workshop or other retreat where you can enjoy a book, hobby or other diversion in peace.

Apply calming colors

Lighter shades of cool or neutral colors are generally regarded as calming. Consider shades of blue, violet, green, gray or white for a relaxing effect in your home.

Let in natural light

Sunlight can brighten moods, reinforce sleep cycles, reduce eye strain and more. If your living space could use more light, try to brighten up your home by eliminating obstructions inside and outside your windows, replacing thick window treatments with sheer material or repainting interiors in brighter colors.

Use rooms for their purpose 

Restricting activities to specific rooms or parts of the home helps prevent insomnia, overeating and other negative effects. That means no eating in the living room, working at the kitchen table or watching TV in the bedroom.


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