For many people who appreciate wine, curating a collection of bottles for personal enjoyment, entertaining or collecting is a point of pride. However, to be preserved at its best, wine must be stored properly. Many wines are ideally stored horizontally, at a temperature of 55 F, between 60-68% humidity and away from light and vibrations. While creating a traditional wine cellar environment isn’t feasible for everyone’s home, effective storage options are available for all budgets.

Wine racks

Convenient and cost-effective, wine racks come in myriad styles. If you only have a few bottles to store, a simple metal or wood countertop stand will display them nicely, just avoid placing it near heat and sunlight. If you’re building a true wine collection, this 150-bottle rack is a free-standing option that can turn a pantry or closet into a wine storage room.

Wine refrigerators

Unlike typical kitchen refrigerators, wine refrigerators are designed to provide an ideal temperature for wine storage. A basic option typically costs less than $200, while a top-of-the-line model can exceed several thousand dollars.

Wine cellars

For a wine enthusiast with enough funds, a custom wine cellar is the pinnacle of home wine storage. A cellar can help preserve your investment with precise control of light, temperature and humidity. Show off your impressive collection in a beautifully crafted and illuminated space, or keep your private reserve conveniently concealed beneath a trap-door access.


By choosing an effective storage solution for your wine, you can preserve the quality, enjoyment and value of your bottles for years to come. Now that’s something worth toasting to!