A home safe can be a worthwhile investment to protect your important belongings from fire, theft or other hazards. Choosing the right safe is important, but so is choosing what to put in it. Here are some suggestions for what to keep in your home safe.

  • Property insurance policies and agent contact information
  • Passports
  • Original birth certificates and Social Security cards
  • Digital backups of photos and important documents*
  • Important medical information
  • Financial documents (e.g. accounts, debts, bills)
  • Copies of important legal documents (e.g. powers of attorney, wills)
  • Valuables you need easy access to
  • Spare keys and titles to vehicles
  • Safe deposit box keys

*Using an online cloud backup service in addition to a local physical backup is recommended for even greater protection against the loss of important digital files.

In general, your safe should be used for important and valuable items you may need to access quickly. Bank safe deposit boxes are usually considered more secure but may not be immediately accessible, particularly during emergencies. With these items close at hand in a secure and properly installed safe, you’ll have more security and peace of mind.