There’s no time like summertime! With the arrival of the new season, you may want to consider performing some tasks around your home to get it in tip top shape for summer. As with all seasonal upkeep, summer maintenance is important to preserve the function, safety and value of your home. Use the checklist below to help prepare your home for summer!


  • Repair and repaint any chipped, cracked or faded paint
  • Replace any loose or rotted siding or decking
  • Clean your gutters and ensure your downspouts are draining properly
  • Check your roof for damaged shingles or other elements
  • Wash your windows inside and out, and fix any failed seals or damaged screens
  • Power-wash any surfaces that need a good cleaning (and are power-wash safe)
  • Inspect your foundations for cracks or leaks
  • Fill cracks in your driveway and walkway
  • Clean your grill for optimal summer barbecuing
  • Get your air conditioner checked and serviced by a professional


  • Install window air conditioner units if needed, and clean the filters before use
  • Dust off your ceiling fan blades, and ensure fans are set in summer (downdraft) mode
  • Clean out your dryer vent and exhaust duct to prevent fires
  • Test all your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Check for any water damage on basement walls
  • Look for signs of pests (such as droppings, holes or dead bugs) and take appropriate action

Home maintenance isn’t always easy, but it can often save you time, money and stress later on. If you need funds for a home repair or renovation, get in touch to learn about your financing options.