Summer is well underway, and there are many ways to embrace the warmth and sunshine. A few simple adjustments to your decorations and living spaces will allow you to bring the refreshing feel of summer into your home. Check out these tips to open your doors to the season.

Grab the Greenery

Take advantage of the blossoming vegetation and add a few pieces inside your home. Refresh your living room with a hanging plant or adorn your kitchen counter with a vase of fresh flowers from your garden or local farmers market. Natural decorations bring splashes of color and brightness that ensure the relaxing feelings of summer don’t stop at your front door.

Incorporate Natural Materials

Welcome natural accents into your home to capture the summer atmosphere. Consider adding wooden elements to any space through chic coasters or picture frames as a great low-cost way to elevate your rooms and create an earthy ambiance. If your home is on or near the water, displaying seashell candles, a vase of sea glass or pieces of lake or coastal artwork can enhance the waterfront feel. Even a simple addition like a wooden bowl of fresh fruit on your counter can give the space a more natural vibe.

Explore Summer Scents

Summer scents are unmistakable, whether your favorite is sandalwood, citrus, coconut or any other fragrance that transports you to a tropical destination. Create a vacation vibe at home by adding some summery candles or air fresheners to your living space. To create a unique scent, experiment with different essential oils to produce a blend that you love. Add these oils to a diffuser or to a spray bottle with water to make your own room freshener.

Switch out Your Fabrics

Banish those heavy, cool-weather blankets and pillows to the back of the closet and opt instead for lighter, flowy fabrics. Dressing up your couch or bed with soft, airy linens and pillows will help match the inside of your home to the sunny weather outside. Adding white or light-colored curtains will brighten your living spaces and help reflect light and heat on hot days.

Utilize Your Outdoor Spaces

One of the simplest ways to open your home to summer is to open your doors! Regardless of the outdoor space available to you, opening your windows and doors helps circulate air throughout your home and seamlessly transitions your backyard, patio, deck or balcony into your indoor spaces. To keep out bugs, adding a screen door is a great option that maintains the flow of fresh air while keeping your home insect-free. 


Fully redecorating your home for each season is a daunting task, so incorporating these easy tips is a fantastic stress-free way to encourage the summer feeling in all areas of your home. With these simple inclusions, your home will radiate the soothing ambiance of summer all season long.