Closets are one of the easiest, most convenient ways to store your things – no matter how neat or messy you are, everything is hidden behind an unassuming door. But for homes with limited closet space, you may need to get creative to store your possessions in an organized and functional way. These alternative storage options will keep your home tidy without sacrificing aesthetic.

Open up an ottoman

Add an ottoman with internal storage to your family room or living room spaces. Your items will be out of sight, but also easy to access. This is a great option for throw blankets or video equipment that you may have lying around. If you prefer a coffee table, look for one with space underneath to add chic storage bins.

Roll out a rack

If your bedroom is low on closet space, consider adding a rolling clothing rack to your bedroom or closet to keep your clothes organized and wrinkle free. A rustic, vintage rolling rack can be a unique decoration in your room and allow you to display some of your favorite clothing pieces.

Slap on some shelves

Adding shelving to your walls gives you an opportunity to display some of your favorite possessions while freeing space on your tables and countertops. With countless varieties and styles, you don’t have to decide between form and function.

Put bins under the bed

Underbed storage is a fantastic way to save space, maintain organization and keep items hidden. There are tons of rolling storage bin options that slide neatly under beds for easy access. This type of storage is particularly helpful in children’s bedrooms, which often lack large closets.


Don’t let your lack of closet space stop you from achieving a clean and pleasant home aesthetic. These simple storage options will make it easy for you to maintain an orderly yet stylish atmosphere at a low-cost.

If your storage challenges require a more serious solution, get in touch to discuss financing for a home renovation project or a home purchase.