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Buying a new home or property can be an exciting, but sometimes overwhelming process. To help you successfully navigate the home loan process we have summarized it to provide you with a better understanding of what to expect.

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4 ways a home seller can lower your homebuying costs

When buying a home, one of your goals is to negotiate with the seller for the best possible deal. This was a difficult task during the red-hot real estate market of the past few years when competing buyers bid up home prices in many parts of the country. But now, with...

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The advantages of buying or selling a home in winter

Winter is the slow season for the real estate market in many parts of the country. With holiday celebrations underway, the school year midway through and harsh weather in northern regions, many buyers and sellers hold off until spring or summer instead. However,...

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What to do before a home appraisal

Whether you’re selling your home or refinancing it, a home appraisal is often a required part of the process. This typically involves a home appraiser visiting your home to make a professional assessment of its value. A strong appraisal allows you to proceed toward...

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